We all know the devastating effects that fossil fuels have on both our planet and our health– impacts ranging from climate change and extreme weather events, to air pollution and human health problems, to habitat degradation and biodiversity loss– none of these effects seem like good news for us, and have even worse implications for our future generations. Over the last 150 years, combustion of fossil fuels has resulted in a more than 25% increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. 

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"Clare and I are driven to reduce the environmental impact of our carbon emissions and resource
consumption. We've taken on this project to demonstrate to others that one can live in a comfortable home
and have enjoy a lifestyle that is carbon-free. We've focused on solutions that support not just the house
itself, but also transportation and food because they are important aspects of our lifestyle."

By Chris Weissflog,  
President of EcoGen Energy Inc.
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"I embrace solar energy, because it will shortly become a very important form of energy for our modern
economy. Installing it on my own home allowed me to accomplish a number of benefits beyond anything
financial: (i) help the environment, (ii) educate my young sons on harnessing the sun, and (iii) be a local
demonstrate site for my community with the objective of helping to demystify alternative energy."

By Tim Short
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"As a sustainable architect, I was drawn to the challenge of retrofitting an existing, 100 year old, poorly built and poorly maintained home into a model of the maximum energy-conservation achievable on a modest budget. We set Net-Zero Energy as a lofty goal. That, with the benefit of the microFIT program, we were able to achieve Net-Zero Cost of Energy is in itself, remarkable. I believe that we have proven that energy-efficiency is possible in any building on any budget."

By Paul Dowsett, 
Principal Architect, SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture and Building

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