We are hard at work getting rid of some pesky bugs.  Android release just came out and iOS was just submitted for approval.  Both mobile operating systems can now "Cloud Sync" your building profile data for you, along with your energy data.  We hope to release BlackBerry before the holidays.   After that you will see our "social" features being added.  Stay tuned.   It will be an interesting January.  


Conservation + Energy Management + Green Energy + working together = saving $ + Carbon reduction.   


A win for everyone. 

With an increasing level of integration of mobile technology throughout conservation, energy efficiency and, sustainability projects, we are pleased to announce the collaboration between the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Screaming Power. OSEA's dedication to championing sector transformation and the transition to a more sustainable energy economy has allowed this simple and exciting decision to create more opportunities for sustainable project development through the use of the Screaming Energy Mobile App.

While energy consumption is increasing tremendously throughout the globe, we can see just how much our overall consumption matters, not only to our environment but to our economy as well. With the growing complexity of the energy industry, the idea of adopting change and creating a more sustainable future seems near to impossible.

Or does it? 

There is a lack of access to electronic information out there in the energy industry and the information we have at our fingertips is fragmented and unorganized. Screaming Power, a company dedicated to creating mobile solutions that go beyond the evolution of existing conservation and sustainable efforts, has introduced a free mobile application that is focusing on making it simple to understand what you have and how you can use it. 

Screaming Power is pleased to announce its partnership with Ryerson University and the development of a secure and private cloud infrastructure that manages the capture, storage, analysis and distribution of Utility information to Screaming Power's mobile applications. This new R&D project will build upon an already developed mobile app solution to allow utilities to securely communicate with their customers and efficiently distribute personal energy information. 

The combination of the integrated Cloud infrastructure and the mobility solution will at last allow customers to securely access their utility data in a simple and easy way. In addition, tools will be created to extract and manage this data from utility providers to safely provide this information to the consumer.

Screaming Power is pleased to announce a new research partnership with Lambton College, in the development of an Enterprise Mobile Workforce Management solution for utilities.
The project aims to leverage Screaming Power's existing mobile solution templates and secure communication between utilities and their consumers. Further research and development of the project will also enhance that experience by allowing the communication with internal employees whom are involved in fleet service operations.