By Gary Michor, Screaming Power

The world is changing around us and the speed of change will only intensify. Global Warming, Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, the Internet of Things (IoTs), digital infrastructure transformation and Government policy is effecting us all. Leveraging mobility to manage business change will greatly assist everyone involved in energy and building management across the globe – especially for utilities and large enterprises. 


For the first time ever, the energy sector will be required to manage the electronic information needs of the customer, global markets and our global economy. 

  • Regional Governments are demanding Utilities to provide access to information and engage in innovative technologies. 
  • Regulations are adapting to manage GHG emissions for private and public entities. There will be a cost to those who don’t adapt their business processes.
  • We know 35% of GHGs is produced by buildings.  There is a global evolution to reduce this. Today we are being incented to conserve and embrace Green Energy. Tomorrow we will be forced to change. 
  • People around the world will need to work together to rapidly learn and educate each other to meet the global changes that are affecting us all.


It’s not about a single disruptive technology. It’s about managing the changing information landscape from business as usual. It’s about dealing with a world which has finally concluded that understanding and managing energy data along with building information is critical.

Change in the energy industry is accelerating. The latest research points out that 90% of utilities expect technical advances to significantly change the industry over the next 3yrs leading to a digital infrastructure transformation. Utilities worldwide will spend 87.5 Billion on IoT products/services by 2018. 

While integration of multiple systems, technologies and devices will be required, we need to look at innovative, automated ways to connect and share information with the masses.