After a year of your feedback about Utilities all over the world, we are now using this knowledge to change the way you enter your bills in the Scream Energy App.  In less than a month you will be able to walk through a new way to enter your information while being informed and educated on what you are paying for.  Our goal is to make this a universal approach for any electric, water or natural gas bill in the world. Once we are live with  "2.0" , we will want your feedback so we can tweak it.

So why are we doing this??? Good question.   For us to deliver your Green House Gas emissions and promote conservation in a social way,  we went back to basics, but in a smarter way.

Its important to be aware that we intend to keep working on direct delivery of your information from your Utility BUT its not realistic that this automation is going to happen quickly. If you know of a Utility wanting to be more engaged with their customers, please point them to us. We can help. True customer engagement is cost effective for any utility size. 

Please help us evolve and be part of change.  Download the Scream Energy App on iOS, Android and BB.  Use the app and provide us your thoughts.  Its easy... just go to the feedback section in the app and comment.   Remember, we are evolving in this pioneering market so dont expect us to be right all the time BUT expect us to keep advancing in the right direction.


Thank you for your continued commitment in creating an energy ecosystem we can build together. 

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