While energy consumption is increasing tremendously throughout the globe, we can see just how much our overall consumption matters, not only to our environment but to our economy as well. With the growing complexity of the energy industry, the idea of adopting change and creating a more sustainable future seems near to impossible.

Or does it? 

There is a lack of access to electronic information out there in the energy industry and the information we have at our fingertips is fragmented and unorganized. Screaming Power, a company dedicated to creating mobile solutions that go beyond the evolution of existing conservation and sustainable efforts, has introduced a free mobile application that is focusing on making it simple to understand what you have and how you can use it. 

The concept of this new mobile application is simple, find better ways to gather information and find new ways to use it. The application, although in its infancy, provides a basis for looking at your building's profile, its energy usage and linking it all together.

Due to yearly increase in energy costs, property owners are spending more money on where they live, while building owners and businesses are spending large amounts of money just trying to control their energy costs. Through the interaction and engagement of users, experts say energy consumption can be reduced by at least 15% from just changing behavior. It just makes sense that we should be able to reduce our costs even more with the adoption of new technologies. Socializing with other concerned individuals will help build a more connected and sustainable society. 

Screaming Power is working with advisors, researchers and the app users themselves to discover ways to automate the delivery of energy information, socialize and educate each other. These evolution's to the Screaming Energy App are coming. But before we can help each other, we need to understand what we have first. 

Screaming Energy is the only existing public solution that helps individuals understand and manage their property and utility information together. Through the extensive use of informational data, the company goal is to provide a community of expertise in assisting building and property owners (or even renters) through their mobility platform. 

Many believe that the cost behind energy consumption is an uncontrollable expense, however, Screaming Energy focuses on eliminating that blind eye while managing what can be changed in order to decrease energy bills and ultimately create a more sustainable future. 

Similar to our readily available banking information that can be accessed at anytime and anywhere, Screaming Energy allows users to manage their property information whenever and wherever they please, giving them a better access to view and share information on their devices. 

While Screaming Energy is available across iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, the project is constantly evolving, drawing new ideas for energy conservation and innovative ways to connect our world. Additionally, the company is in the process of creating a "Pro App," available to users at a low cost, offering advanced capabilities such as automated bill management, energy data delivery and normalizing information so a user can compare their building's carbon footprint with other buildings through a single lens. 

By providing an open mobile infrastructure as a cloud-based energy and building solution, the collection and sharing opportunities of energy consumption can advance the industry's ability to create a real impact on our world. 

With many researches, designers and managers creating a more positive change within our environment, Screaming Power is dedicated to creating an enabling social platform to disseminate information behind energy conservation for everyone. 

Screaming Power is currently reaching out to the public and communities alike who share the same beliefs and vision as they do to take part in the evolution of Sustainability through mobilization. In doing so, this connectivity will provide for a much stronger and supportive network, all of which will drive change, promote building conservation and reduce energy usage through education. 

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