Funded and supported by: Screaming Power, Ontario Center of Excellence, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC ARD), Ryerson University, Local Utilities

In this survey study, we compare QR code and Data Matrix barcodes from different aspects such as structure of the symbols, scanning conditions, size and data capacity of the code. We also have developed software for reading utility Flat Files, extracting desired information from customer accounts and converting those information into QR code and Data Matrix symbols. The developed software can generate codes in two ways - automatically and manually - for different code sizes along with the option of HEX encryption on the data. Considering the available research papers on QR code and Data Matrix, along with the results of our experiments, it can be concluded that Data Matrix barcode is a better candidate for the purpose of encoding

large amounts of data, such as customer data, in a small area. The main advantages of Data Matrix over QR code are its smaller size, flexibility for scanning in different lighting conditions, quick scanning time and less sensitivity to low contrast symbols.

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